Francois Le Vot

François Le Vot is a decorated French Air Force fighter pilot and former French national aerobatics champion with extensive experience in international competition. Zool, as he is known, had an outstanding 2014 season in the inaugural Red Bull Air Race Challenger Cup with three race victories.From the south of France, Le Vot retired from the air force as a top gun flight instructor from France’s „Armee de l’Air“ after a distinguished 12-year career flying AlphaJets and the Mirage 2000. A supremely confident pilot, Le Vot has a smooth, efficient and almost artistic style of flying that impressed crowds and rival Challenger Cup pilots.The Frenchman had a disappointing 2015 season, and feels he needs a lot more experience before he can compete for honours. Le Vot has extensive aerobatics experience and success in both the World and European Aerobatics Unlimited Championships dating back to 2004 and has set his sights on one day winning the Red Bull Air Race World Championship. He spent 12 years on the French military’s aerobatics team after joining in 2004. He was the European silver medal in 2012 and won a share of the team gold before he won the World Aerobatic Championship title in 2013.He earned his Unrestricted Superlicence for the Red Bull Air Race from the FAI in 2008 and has taken part in many Red Bull Air Race training camps. Le Vot has more than 4000 flight hours to his name, including 1500 in military jet aircraft and more than 1200 in aerobatics. In the 2014 Challenger Cup, Le Vot was a dominant force winning the first three races in Abu Dhabi, Rovinj and Putrajaya.

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