Matthias Dolderer

Matthias Dolderer surprised the field of experienced competitors when he burst on to the Red Bull Air Race World Championship scene in 2009 and got on the podium, taking third place in the season finale in Barcelona. A determined man with an aggressive style of flying, Dolderer has become a well-known athlete in the German-speaking world thanks to his unbridled enthusiasm for the sport and his ability to convey what is so special about the Red Bull Air Race to a wider audience of the uninitiated. Highly focused, Dolderer is always looking for ways to improve his performance and he was one of the first pilots to invest heavily in the newest high-speed version of the Zivko Edge 540.Dolderer, who once compared the precision flying of the Red Bull Air Race to trying to park a car in a garage while travelling at nearly 400kmh, took his first flight with his father at the age of three. He grew up at his parents‘ airfield in Tannheim, Germany. He took his first solo flight at 14 and his life has revolved around aviation ever since. He got his glider license on his 17th birthday and the same year he finished 3rd at the German Championships as the youngest pilot ever. He was a Team Member of the German National Team and competed in four German, two European and one World Championship. He was the German Champion at the age of 20 and was the youngest flight instructor in Germany at the age of 21. Dolderer worked as the pilot for media flights at the Red Bull Air Race for several years before joining the World Championship 2009. He has flown more than 130 different types of aircraft, everything from gliders to jets and helicopters.

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