Michael Goulian

Michael Goulian is one of only six active Red Bull Air Race pilots to have won a race with his historic victory in Budapest in 2009. Goulian is one of the most exciting and determined pilots to fly in the Red Bull Air Race. The American has a crisp, aggressive and athletic style of flying that made him a fan favorite around the world. A friendly and chatty man who can eloquently explain the finer aspects of the sport to the uninitiated, Goulian is a fierce competitor who makes every roll, pull and tumble of his flight a deliberate execution of precision.Goulian was born into an aviation business family, one of the biggest flying schools in the Northeastern United States. His father was an FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) examiner and Goulian grew up washing aeroplanes and sweeping out hangars. He learned to fly before he could drive a car and took his first solo flight on his 16th birthday. Goulian turned to aerobatics a year later and established an aerobatic school. He worked as a corporate airline pilot while making a name as one of the world’s top aerobatic pilots, becoming the US National Champion in the Advanced Category at 22. He was the US National Champion in the Unlimited Category in 1995. Goulian is the co-author of a series of books ‚Basic and Advanced Aerobatics‘ that became the industry standard for aerobatic flight training manuals. He was awarded the prestigious Art School Memorial Award for airshow showmanship in 2006. He is the co-founder of Linear Air, a company that offers air taxi service. Goulian is married to Karin and they have a daughter, Emily. His hobbies include skiing, playing hockey and golf.

source : www.redbullairrace.com