Nigel Lamb

Nigel Lamb is one of the most accomplished and respected pilots in the history of the Red Bull Air Race and proved that patience, perseverance and skill are what it takes to win the World Championship with his title triumph in 2014. The Brit has been an inspiration for many other pilots and fans around the world. His determination and meticulous approach to the sport has paid off handsomely with his ascent to the top of the standings during his seven years in the Red Bull Air Race.Born in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) Nigel was inspired to take up flying by his father, who was a Royal Air Force (RAF) fighter pilot in World War II. He first applied to join the Rhodesian Air Force at 11 and was finally accepted at 18. He gained his wings in 1976 and went on to fly jets and helicopters. In 1980 he left the Air Force as an instructor and moved to England to join an aerobatics team. He has been a display pilot for more than 30 years racking up more than 1770 displays in over 30 countries.
Lamb is the only pilot to have won the British National Unlimited Aerobatic Championship eight times consecutively. His flying skills have also featured in several major movie and commercial productions, such as „Dark Blue World“, „Hart’s War“, and „Fly Boys“. Living in Oxfordshire, United Kingdom, he enjoys skiing, scuba diving and racquetball when he’s not flying. Nigel is married to Hilary and they have three sons: Max, Dan and Ben.

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